Hi everyone, just a quick follow up on Benedict. We call him Benny for short.  Benny is growing up to be a very
handsome boy, he has adjusted wonderfully to our home and our other cat Juliet, even though Juleit hasn’t quite warmed up to him completely yet, Benny won’t give up trying to get her to like him.  In one of the pictures I enclosed he is trying to stalk her on the couch to see if she will play.  In another picture you can see he enjoyed playing under the Christmas tree as well, and thank goodness he was a good boy and didn’t cause to much damage or knock it over. lol

He loves to follow me around the house too.  In the morning, after his breakfast he sits on the rug in the bathroom waiting for me while I shower, and get ready for work.  When I get home he is ready for game of fetch.  Yes I said fetch, like a dog.  He has a little mouse toy that I throw, and he goes and picks it up in his mouth then prances back to me and will lay it down, I will throw it again and he will bring right back.
Thank you Cat Crusaders, Benny is such a joy and wonderful addition to our family.

Kristal Stone

Benedict1 Benedict2 benedict3

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