A sweet, shy guy searching for his best friend!


Charlie is a 4 month old tuxedo male who’s come such a long way since we found him. Charlie was found abandoned by himself as a small kitten - he was terrified, and it took a long time for him to realize that he was safe. He has thrived so much under the loving care of his foster! Now Charlie’s personality is big and wide, just like his beautiful green eyes. He is a true lover with a gentle meow and a knack for paw rubs (seriously he loves a paw massage).

Watch his little tail shake with excitement when he knows it’s petting time. Charlie gets along well with other cats and dogs. He loves to sleep in bed with humans and be close to the action. He loves to be picked up and held but sometimes gets a little nervous when being pursued and may hide at first (this is likely due to trauma from his past), but will come to you if you are patient and assuring. We’re not sure what Charlie’s early life looked like, but it’s clear that this sweet boy has become such a loving little guy who just wants a friend to be with. He would be such a great addition to any home!

Charlie definitely prefers the comfort of home over the sights and sounds at Petsmart, which can be a little scary. He’d rather be on a lap or playing with his fellow fosters than cooped up in the store, and his true personality shines in a home environment.If you’re interested in meeting Charlie or Fostering To Adopt, please contact Cat Crusaders Inc at adopt@tampacatcrusaders.org!