Getting To Know Poblano

Sugar, spice, and everything nice!

Getting To Know Poblano

If you’re looking for a cat who’s goofy, affectionate, and breathtakingly beautiful, Poblano is your girl! Poblano is a MASSIVE snuggler. She’s ok with being held, but more than that she just wants to make sure that she’s near you at all times! Poblano may be a little bit of a petting addict – when you start to pet this little lady she gets very into it, rubbing her whole entire body against you to let you know how much she cares.

Poblano wants and needs love and once she’s comfy she lets you know.  She likes to chase catnip mice, the laser and fishing rod toys. She will follow you everywhere and her purr engine is LOUD. Although she takes a little time to come out of her shell, if you take your time with her she becomes the most wonderful and fiercely loyal companion who will sleep next to you and comfort you when you are sick, sad or just want a friendly snuggle.

 Like many cats, Poblano finds the sights and sounds of Petsmart to be a little overwhelming, and because of that she’s often overlooked. She feels much more relaxed in the comfort of her foster home and would prefer to meet her adopter in a more natural setting. If you live in the Tampa area and you’re interested in meeting Poblano or Fostering to Adopt, please contact Cat Crusaders Inc at [email protected]!