Getting To Know Sasparilla

An affectionate girl who’s looking for a human companion she can call her own.

Getting To Know Sasparilla

Affectionate petite, young, black and white female feline looking for a new lap to call home this Christmas. Sasparilla has all the vigor and vitality of youth without the crazy ninja exploits of kittenhood. She loves playing fetch with cat toys, basking in the warm sunlight, cuddling up on the couch, chin scratches, and people food.

She’s not too crazy about her three feline, dog, toddler and baby roommates – it’s just not what she’s accustomed to after living alone with her now deceased, disabled owner.  Sasparilla is a very affectionate girl who would do best in a single-cat home where she can give and receive the love she deserves! Can anyone give her a place where she can be appreciated for the sweetheart that she is rather than overlooked within the crowd?

If you live in the Tampa area and you’re interested in meeting Sasparilla or Fostering to Adopt, please contact Cat Crusaders Inc at [email protected]!