Minx (aka Klaus)

I adopted Minx, formerly known as Klaus around late September. I could not be more happy about him becoming an addition to my family! He love to cuddle and run around in circles and loves to sleep in weird places, as well as play hide and seek. He loves sleeping in his cat carrier, although he has two beds laying around. He loves when you scratch above his tail, he just raises his butt up and stays there until your done. I joke and say he’s the best dog I’ll never have because everyday when I come homes he’s at the door waiting for me. When I adopted him no one really knew what happened to his tail but honestly I love him more because he is a little different. Minx loves to cuddle with your legs. He is so sweet, playful, cuddly, as well as a little fluff ball! I absolutely love him, and am extremely glad that he is an addition to my family! Thank you cat crusaders!!

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