Moving Meowtains with Your Help

“Giving means SAVING!” It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard from Cat Crusaders frequently since early December as we kicked off Moving Meowntains, a fundraising campaign that we’re running through Dec. 31, 2017.

It costs Cat Crusaders just under $100 to save a feline life, which is why we set our goal at $5,000, an amount that would allow us to save 50 homeless cats and kittens from euthanasia or a life of pain on the streets.

The first week of the campaign, 13 generous people donated $525 to Moving Meowntains, and because of those donations Piggy, Mango, Mandarin, Pumpkin and Apricot’s lives were saved.

Mango, Mandarin, Pumpkin, and Apricot were found outside — alone without a mom — by a kind soul who contacted our organization. They were underfed and desperate for care. Piggy was found on the side of the road, having been hit by a car. She’ll need surgery to fix her broken leg, but the most important thing is that she is now safe and can receive the medical care she needs.

Without your donations, any one of these precious souls could have been lost.

THIS is why we do what we do and this is why we ask you to donate to Cat Crusaders. Giving really does mean SAVING, and these tiny faces are proof of it. Mango, Mandarin, Apricot, Pumpkin, and Piggy are the first five lives saved by our Moving Meowntains campaign, so please help us save 45 more by donating through our website or on our Giving Grid, helping us reach our goal.

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