In December 2015 we adopted Anita and Asher. Anita was very shy at first, but has opened up quite a bit and is a silly little girl. Asher made her presence known from the beginning, always “talking” to me in the morning and is very curious about everything. Giving these 2 babies a forever home has been a wonderful experience for our 2 daughters ages 7 and 9. They are learning about the responsibility of caring for pets… Checking their food, water and litter box several times a day is a job they love to do. Anita and Asher get lots of playtime with my daughters and my husband and I just love watching the interaction between them. The babies have brought a wonderful dynamic to our home and we are grateful to have them in our lives. They are growing and thriving and we love being their forever family. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!
Catherine Hengstenberg