Cat crusaders gave me an opportunity to be the change I want to see in the world on July 26, 2014, her name is Poppy. I have the pleasure to say I adopted Poppy on Saturday July 26th. She is my princess and my life has changed because of her. She has the run of the house with many areas to play and sleep. She insists I have the blinds up so she can view and survey her territory. I will take very good care of her for many years to come. Her shiny black coat and sparkling eyes show how healthy and well cared for she is. She leaps and runs like a panther all over the house and takes play time very seriously.

Poppy has been changing daily and feels more comfortable as time goes by. Whenever I call her by name she responds and finds me wherever I am. She’ll run to her bed whenever I catch her doing something she shouldn’t be doing and answers with a meow or a little sound. Poppy runs, eats often, is good when I’m not home and doesn’t like to see me with shoes on. She thinks she’s going for a car ride when she sees me with shoes on. We’ll try to get her used to going on car rides in the future so she can travel with me.

Poppy is loving and has a wide range of emotions with corresponding sounds that communicate her feelings. I can tell she was well cared for prior to the adoption. Poppy sends lots of purrs and kisses to all who know her. PS she loves chewing boxes to shreds. =^..^=!