Fiona, Enya, Norah, Cher, Jewel

When we were 4 weeks old, Cat Crusaders rescued us from Animal Services. Our mommy didn’t make it. Some nice foster parents took us in and gave us a room of our own. We started feeling loved and then one week later, we all got sick. We were so congested, we were not eating or drinking. Our foster parents took good care of us though. They fed us with a syringe and gave us medicine. We didn’t like that very much, but finally after 3 months we got better. Once we were well, our foster parents let us have free roam of the house and we met their other cats. We had so much fun running around and playing with all the cats. Just before Thanksgiving, 4 of us were well enough to be fixed so we could be put up for adoption. So far, Cher is the only one of us that found a forever home. Norah, unfortunately is still sick and can’t be put up for adoption. The rest of us are waiting patiently to be adopted.

Fiona – I am a sweet girl, but I really don’t like cages. My foster parents have brought me to PetSmart for adoption events, only to have to come back and get me. I turn into a mean girl when stuck in a cage so I am no longer allowed at PetSmart. At my foster home, I get along with the other cats and usually hang around in the same room as my foster parents. I like to play, especially with toys that have feathers. I’m not much of a lap cat, but I like to be pet and will certainly let you know when I want attention and not getting enough of it.

Jewel – I am a laid back, loving girl that loves attention. I usually lounge around the house and when motivated enough will jump and play. I get along with everyone, people and cats. I will often cuddle up with you and push myself into your hands so that you will pet me. When I see another cat getting attention, I jump into the mix so that I am the center of attention. My foster parents are kind enough to let me sleep in their bed, so I often sleep with 2 of my sisters between my foster parent’s pillows.

Enya – I am the sweetest girl that craves attention. Whenever someone comes near me, I will stand up on my hindlegs with my head towards their hand so they will pet me. Sometimes I even reach my paw out to you, like I want you to shake it, but that’s my cute way of asking for you to pet me. I am always around my foster parents and get along very well with my sisters, especially Norah, and their other cats. I am very playful and often play with my sister Fiona. I like to play with tails and even make myself dizzy chasing my own tail in circles. At nighttime, my favorite place to sleep is on top of my foster mom’s pillow just above her head. (Enya is currently getting over the sniffles).

Norah – I am the runt of the litter and have been sick for nearly 8 months. Despite being sick, I am the sweetest affectionate girl. I get along with everyone and really adore my sister Enya. I follow my foster parents around, snuggle and nuzzle them when they sit on the couch and sleep between their pillows at night. I am finally starting to feel better and love to play. Sometimes I’m very active and run all over the house. My favorite game lately is to jump on top of the refrigerator and slide down between the side of it and the wall (like a chimney). I’m usually too quick for my foster parents to get a video of this trick, but maybe one day I’ll let them catch me.

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