your new Favorite cuddle buddy!


Dawson came to Cat Crusaders a few months ago when he started showing up outside a condominium complex in Tampa. Given his age, his dirty appearance, and his behavior, it was clear that he had been abandoned by his owner and left outside. From the beginning he was eager for affection, but a bit scared of people - likely due to trauma experienced at the hand of humans. He was taken in by a Cat Crusaders volunteer, and under her loving care has grown to be an incredibly sweet boy who is addicted to pets and snuggles, will chirp for attention while following you around the house, loves curling up next to you on the couch, and has regained his trust in humans.

Dawson loves his feline foster siblings, and does especially well with younger cats - he will play tag with them, groom them, and curl up with them for catnaps. He would do wonderfully in a home where he had feline companions to play with, but could also function well as an only cat in a house where the owner has lots of love and attention to give!

At just 5 years old Dawson is still full of energy and curiosity, but has a gentle personality and a laidback nature. This sweet boy has been through a lot, and deserves to find a home where he is cherished! If you’re interested in meeting Dawson or Fostering To Adopt, please contact Cat Crusaders Inc at!