A sweet, SHY mama searching for her forever home!


Raven is a slender, beautiful black kitty who came to Cat Crusaders after being turned into animal services with her three kittens. Raven’s kittens are ready to find their forever homes and so is Momma Raven. Raven is a bit shy at first and not one to come into a noisy and crowded room, but get to know this girl one on one and she transforms into such an affectionate sweetheart!

She seeks out her human for pets and loves making sure everyone knows how much she enjoys the attention with her contented and happy purrs. Raven is a very sweet girl who was given a second chance at life, and she is so appreciative of the love she receives. There is nothing this lady wants more than to have a permanent home with someone who cares about her and that she can love in return!

Raven definitely prefers the comfort of home over the sights and sounds at Petsmart. She’d rather be on a lap or lounging with her fellow fosters than cooped up in the store, and her true personality shines in a home environment. If you’re interested in meeting Raven or Fostering To Adopt, please contact Cat Crusaders Inc at adopt@tampacatcrusaders.org!